UK Fee Waiver Applications

UK Fee Waiver applications are available to persons unable to pay UK Immigration Fees, as payment will be incompatible with their human rights.

Many people are considering moving to the UK. However, due to the recent immigration fee increases, many families are unable to take the step to move. This has left many families either separated or forgetting the prospects of immigration. Many families are unaware that the UK has an option called “Fee Waiver”. The fee waiver will allow them to have the immigration fees waivered to move to the UK should they qualify.   There are, however, very strict requirements that will need to be met for this type of application.

Clients must note that the fee waiver criteria are very hard to meet and prove. One needs to provide extensive professional documentation to qualify. Fortunately, Breytenbachs has had success in many of these applications and will provide expert advice to clients.

But, let us delve into this further.

What is a UK Fee Waiver Application?

A fee waiver application is an application made by an applicant who is unable to pay the UK immigration fees. If they do pay the fees, it will be incompatible with their human rights.

How does one qualify?

There are specific types of applications that will be eligible for this type of application. Be it applications done in the UK, out of the UK, or even citizenship applications.

Due to the high Immigration Health Surcharge and minimum financial requirement increase in respect of spousal visa applications many families looking to enter the UK on spousal and child dependency visas are left in the predicament of being unable to pay the fee. Little do they know that they will be able to explore the option of applying for a fee waiver.

Can the whole immigration fee be waived?

The visa fee and IHS fee are two separate fees that one will need to pay when applying to move to the UK. If the applicant is unable to pay the fee and apply for a fee waiver, they can request that both the visa and IHS fee be waived. The applicant can also apply to have only the visa fee waivered or only the IHS fee waivered.

When should this application be made?

The application for the UK fee waiver must be made before you apply for your visa. It can take time for a decision to come through. It will therefore it will be best to speak to one of our consultants who will be able to provide expert advice on the best way forward to plan accordingly.

How Breytenbachs can help with your UK Fee Waiver Application

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants has a team of highly qualified individuals who specialise in these types of applications. They are well-equipped to advise and guide you through the complexity of a fee waiver application. Our expertise and knowledge will maximise the chance of success of your UK fee waiver application.

Clients should be aware that we cannot guarantee approval for fee waiver applications. Eligibility will also vary for each client, and not all clients will qualify for a fee waiver application. It is important to consult with your dedicated consultant, who will provide personalised advice and guidance tailored to your specific circumstances in every case.

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