Individual and Family

The UK Government recognises the importance of family. The UK Immigration system, therefore, has several individual and family visa routes available. It also has a route for persons with ancestral ties to the UK.

However, navigating the UK Immigration system can be complicated, as each visa has specific requirements and eligibility criteria. Furthermore, one visa can be more advantageous than another for your circumstances. Breytenbachs, therefore, highly recommend that you speak to one of our consultants for advice.

Below are some visas available under the UK Individual and Family Visa routes.

Some Individual and Family Visas Available

The Ancestry Visa allows Commonwealth citizens with a grandparent born in the UK to live and work in the UK for up to five years.

The Adult Dependant Relative Visa is a route to settle in the UK for adult dependent relatives of UK citizens or individuals settled in the UK who require long-term care.

The Civil Partner Visa allows individuals who are in a civil partnership with a British citizen, or someone settled in the UK to come to the UK to live and work in the UK. The Proposed Civil Partner Visa allows an individual to come to the UK to enter a civil partnership with their British partner. Or partner settled in the UK.

Family members of UK citizens or individuals settled in the UK who rely on them for financial support can apply to come to the UK via the Dependancy Visa.

Family members of persons who hold a Points-Based System visa can also apply to accompany or join the main visa holder.

The Fiancé/Fiancée Visa allows individuals to come to the UK to marry their UK partner. The marriage must take place within six months of arriving in the UK.

The Spouse or Settlement Visa is for individuals who are married to a British citizen. Or a person settled in the UK.

Unmarried Partner Visa is available to individuals living with their British or settled partner for at least two years.

Guernsey Visa for Spouse or Partner of British Passport holder. This visa allows spouses or partners of British passport holders who reside in Guernsey to join them.

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Individual and Family

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