Sponsorship Licence Renewals

Sponsorship Licence Renewals is an important step in the sponsoring of migrant workers.

When a Sponsor Licence is initially granted to an organisation, it will be valid for an initial period of 4 years. After this period, the employer must renew it if the organisation wishes to continue to employ any migrant workers. It is important for sponsoring organisations to note that migrants sponsored under the Skilled Worker or T2 Minister of Religion routes will usually need to reside in the UK on their respective visas for a period of 5 years to claim Indefinite Leave to Remain, necessitating their sponsoring employer to renew their Licence at year 4.

One can apply to renew a Licence up to 90 days prior to the date the Licence is due to expire. It is imperative that organisations lodge the renewal application prior to the Licence expiring. As such, Breytenbachs recommend that organisations have a robust, internal reminder system in place. This will ensure that the organisation does not miss this important deadline.

The Home Office will write to the personnel listed on the sponsoring organisation’s Licence via email 120 calendar days before the Licence is due to expire to notify sponsors of the upcoming expiry. The Home Office will send reminders 90, 60, 30, and 14 calendar days before expiry.

One can renew the Licence via the Sponsor Management System (SMS). This is the online portal through which a Licence is managed, provided to the organisation upon issuance of a Sponsor Licence. Upon lodging the renewal application, the Home Office will charge a renewal fee of £536 for small or charitable organisations. The cost for medium or large organisations is £1,476.

It is not necessary to submit any documentation with the application submission. However, the Home Office retains the right to request to see further evidence whilst they are processing the application. Renewal applications can, on occasion, prompt a Home Office compliance visit. It is thus always advisable to conduct an internal audit prior to lodging the application. This will ensure that HR records and company processes are up to date, and meet with Home Office requirements.

Provided a renewal application is correctly lodged before the Licence has expired, the Licence will be effectively extended until the Home Office has processed the renewal application. It is, however, advisable to not delay the renewal submission if possible.

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