Police Clearance Certificates

A Police Clearance Certificate is needed in most overseas visa applications. If you are emigrating to another country or will be residing in another country, it is advisable to obtain a Clearance Certificate.

Most overseas countries require persons who work in certain sectors of the economy to provide such a clearance. Some countries also require such a certificate to serve as a certificate of good conduct, when you apply for certain types of work visas.

The SA Police Clearance Certificate is a document that shows the applicant’s criminal record in South Africa or lack thereof. It will serve to show that a person is of good character and not undesirable in the eyes of the law.

The South African Police Service will issue such a certificate after they have researched their archives.

You will be able to receive your certificate within twenty working days from the day of your application.

How Breytenbachs can help you obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

Breytenbachs can assist clients in South Africa and from abroad to obtain their South African Police clearance certificate. We can also assist with an apostle of birth and marriage certificates. Please contact us if need more information or wish to apply for yours.

Police Clearance Certificates

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