SA First Step of Kinship

Permanent residence can be applied for under the category First Step of Kinship, provided the applicant can show that he/she is either a biological child/parent of a South African citizen or residence holder.

Proof of the first step of kinship must be confirmed through, i.e. unabridged birth certificate/s.  When the applicant resides in South Africa, it is best to lodge such an application once the applicant has secured a temporary visa, mainly due to the adjudication period of these applications, which is currently at least 4 years.

How Breytenbachs can help you with your First Step of Kinship application

The application for South African Permanent Residence under the First Step of Kinship is complicated, with many potential pitfalls. It is, unfortunately, also a long wait for the final decision on the application.  However, you will have peace of mind that your case is in the experienced hands of our SA Immigration team.

We strongly recommend that clients who qualify apply as soon as possible. This will prevent having to submit temporary visas. Please do not hesitate to contact our SA Immigration team for further advice. We also recommend booking a consultation with one of our highly qualified consultants.

SA First Step of Kinship

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