Short Stay Visas

The UK offers several Short Stay Visa routes for individuals wishing to visit the country temporarily. These visas cater to different purposes, ensuring visitors can fulfil their specific needs while adhering to the UK immigration rules and regulations.

You can apply for a UK Visitor Visa to visit the UK for tourism and leisure or to see family and friends. It allows stays of up to six months and prohibits work or settling in the UK.

If you must pass through the UK en route to another destination, you must apply for the UK Transit Visa.

If you are a business visitor who needs to visit the UK for business-related purposes, such as meetings, conferences, or exploring business opportunities, you must apply for the UK Business Visitor Visa. It permits stays of up to six months.

Individuals who wish to participate in short-term educational courses or training programs in the UK can apply for the UK Study Visit Visa. This visa allows stays of up to six months for study purposes.

You can apply for the Marriage Visitor Visa if you wish to get married or enter a civil partnership in the UK.  It allows a stay of up to six months to formalise the marriage or partnership.

Persons who need to travel to the UK for medical treatment or consultation can apply for a Medical Treatment Visa. This will allow you to stay for up to six months for medical purposes.

Academics, Actors, and persons in the entertainment industry who have been invited to the UK for specific paid engagements, such as lecturing, examining, or participating in arts and entertainment events, can apply for the Permitted Paid Engagement Visa.

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Short Stay Visas

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