British Nationality Status Trace

Breytenbachs are pleased to announce the launch of a new service to evaluate British Nationality claims.  Our British Nationality Status Trace Service allows us to use a systematic, detailed process to investigate all possible avenues to all types of UK Nationality and the Right of Abode in the UK.

Our status trace system enables us to be in an even better position to support the complex and evolving British Nationality legislation. The UK’s colonial past shaped the current UK Nationality legislation, and the new British Nationality and Border Act now redress past inequalities, such as historic gender discrimination.

Our report sets out all nationality events relevant to an outcome and explains which laws have brought these events about, such as the acquisition or loss of nationality. The evaluation looks at both existing British nationality and the potential to acquire British nationality by a grant.

What does a British Nationality Status Trace entail?

When we do a British Nationality Status Trace, we will be able to establish whether you are:

  • A British citizen or whether you might have any other type of British Nationality or
  • Eligible to become a British citizen or gain any other type of British Nationality by application in your circumstances and under the current law.

The status trace will provide a full explanation setting out historical facts and legal events relevant to the outcome that we found in your and your family’s history.

United Kingdom Nationalities

We base our evaluation on the information you supply to us on your family history. We evaluate the following United Kingdom nationalities:

  • British Overseas Territories Citizenship;
  • British Overseas Citizenship;
  • British Subject under the British Nationality Act of 1981;
  • British Protected Persons;
  • British National (overseas).

British Nationality Acts, Immigration Acts and Common Law

The evaluation will also consider a vast amount of legislation of the United Kingdom which has affected nationality, immigration, and the legal status of countries that have had a special legal relationship with the United Kingdom, including:

  • The Common law affecting British Nationality;
  • The British Nationality and Status of Aliens Acts 1914 to 1943;
  • The British Nationality Acts 1948 to 1965;
  • The British Nationality Act 1981 and its amending Acts;
  • The British Protectorates, the Protected States and Protected Persons Orders 1949 to 1978 and 1982;
  • The Acts granting independence to each UK-administrated territory;
  • The Immigration Act 1971 and its amending Acts, etc.

Why use Breytenbachs?

Looking into acquiring the nationality of a different country can be a life-changing decision. Breytenbachs will help you if we possibly can.  The statute trace service ensures that you can get a considered opinion with a quick turnaround.

The analytical process leaves no stone unturned in considering all laws and policies that might affect a person’s nationality. Our premise is to find a way for our clients if one exists.  We’ll find the angles other immigration practitioners might not know or have the resources to look into.

What is more, Breytenbachs’ British nationality assessments are quick and cost-effective. The quality and thoroughness of our process and report compare well with an opinion provided by a UK barrister specialising in nationality and at a much-reduced cost and time.  Breytenbachs can report in a few days with no extra fee for quick delivery.  In addition, we provide a proper “status trace” ready for the UK Home Office rather than a wordy history essay.

If you want to do a British nationality trace, do not delay. Contact us today.

British Nationality Status Trace

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