Limited Leave to Remain Fee Increase on 24 July 2024

Home Office application fees for Limited Leave to Remain in the UK, including those under Appendix FM will increase on 24 July 2024.

The increase will be a hefty 20% increase from £1,048 to £1,258 per application.

Transitional provisions will be in place to accommodate certain groups. For instance, if an applicant submits a fee waiver request prior to 09h00 on July 24, 2024, and the request is denied, they will still be eligible, according to transitional provisions, to pay the lower fee of £1,048.

Breytenbachs Recommendations

Considering these fee increases, Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants offers two recommendations.

First, applicants who qualify to apply for their limited leave to remain, should do so without delay.

Second, given the rising expenses, applicants should recognise the potential financial implications of unsuccessful applications. Therefore, it would be sensible to engage Breytenbachs to increase the likelihood of a successful visa outcome. Additionally, we would like to reiterate our No Visa, No Fee guarantee to our clients.

Please consult with your Breytenbachs consultant to find out whether you qualify.

What is a Limited Leave to Remain Application?

A limited leave to remain application in the UK refers to the process through which an individual applies to stay in the country for a specific period, usually for a temporary or restricted duration. This type of application is typically made by individuals who do not have indefinite leave to remain in the UK and need permission to stay for a defined period, often for reasons such as work, study, family reunification, or other specific circumstances. Limited leave to remain grants individuals the right to reside in the UK for the duration specified in their visa, during which time they must adhere to the conditions outlined in their visa category. It’s essential to carefully follow the application process and meet all requirements to ensure a successful outcome and lawful residence in the UK.

Contact Breytenbachs to Avoid Limited Leave to Remain Fee Increase

It is crucial that clients contact Breytenbachs without delay to prepare and submit their UK Visa applications before the impending increases. Contact us today for a timely and well-prepared application, ensuring success

Please contact us today for further information or applications.

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