UK Visa Refusal – FAQ

Facing a UK visa refusal can be a distressing and confusing experience, leaving applicants uncertain about their next steps.

It is, of course, always best to appoint a qualified and registered immigration consultant, such as Breytenbachs, to prevent visa refusals. Our expertise and knowledge of the application process significantly increase your chances of a visa success. However, if you do encounter a visa refusal, Breytenbachs can assist.

Our experienced team can provide expert guidance on your options, whether through an appeal or an administrative review. This will ensure that you have the best possible chance of overturning the decision and achieving your immigration goals.

Below we have compiled some guidance to the most frequently asked questions regarding UK visa appeals.

UK Visitor Visa Refusals

Can I appeal my UK Visitor Visa refusal?

Yes, you can appeal, but only in extremely limited circumstances. The vast majority of applicants do not get a right of appeal for visitor visas.

What are common reasons for UK Visitor Visa refusals?

The most common reasons for a UK visitor visa being refused are not meeting the financial requirements for the visa or failing to demonstrate your intention to return to your home country.

Can I reapply for a UK Visitor Visa after a refusal?

Yes, you can. However, Breytenbachs highly recommend that you seek our help if your visitor visa application was refused. Breytenbachs have the know-how to effectively navigate the Home Office’s criteria for visitor visa applications.

Administrative Reviews

What is an administrative review, and how do I request one?

An administrative review is a process that allows applicants to challenge a Home Office immigration decision on the basis that it contains one or more case working errors.  However, not all Home Office decisions can be challenged through administrative review. It will be best to speak your Breytenbachs consultant to determine whether you are eligible for an administrative review.

Previous Visa Refusals

Will a previous visa refusal affect my future applications?

Unfortunately, yes. Every refusal is considered when a new visa application is submitted. You must disclose this refusal to the Home Office in all subsequent visa applications.

Breytenbachs highly recommends that you seek our help if you previously had a visa refusal. We possess the know-how to effectively navigate and fulfil the Home Office’s criteria for the various immigration routes.

What are the chances of a successful visa application after a visa refusal?

The best chance of success after a previous visa refusal would be to engage the help of a professional firm like Breytenbachs. We have had many success stories after refusals. Please contact us for assistance.


Please keep in mind that this article provides information for general understanding and does not constitute professional advice. It is written without any warranty, express or implied. It is always best to contact Breytenbachs for the most recent advice and advice suitable to your unique circumstances.

Please contact us today for further information or applications.

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