Tips for choosing a reliable visa agency

Are you looking for a reliable visa agency for your UK Immigration matter? Breytenbachs often receive desperate calls from persons who have been wrongly advised by a fly-by-night visa agency. The dilemma faced by such persons is that they will lose their Home Office application fee. This fee is, of course, very high nowadays. Furthermore, it is also very difficult to rectify the wrong information that was provided to the Home Office.

Breytenbachs have compiled some guidance on how to choose a reliable visa agency for your UK immigration matter. 

Tips for choosing a reliable visa agency

  • Check to see whether there are qualified and experienced personnel working for the visa agency.
  • Check how long the firm has been doing business. An immigration firm will not be able to survive for long if they do not render good service.
  • Don’t only look at the price. Sometimes, there is a reason why a firm is charging very low prices. Sometimes, when service is poor, firms have to work at low prices to survive.
  • Do your homework. Don’t only decide on a firm based on an advertisement or internet search. Ask around, as word-of-mouth referrals from people you know are often the best way to find the best and most reliable immigration agents.
  • Avoid firms that are more concerned about money than your immigration case.
  • Look at the management of the visa agency, and make sure there is somebody who will listen to your problem if something goes wrong.
  • Last but not least, trust your instincts. If things look fishy or seem too good to be true, it sadly often is!


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