Tips to ensure a smooth UK Visa application

As the new year begins, many people start planning their dream to apply for a UK Visa. Others start preparing for the extension of their UK visa or citizenship application.

Breytenbachs have prepared some general tips for clients to keep in mind to ensure a smooth UK visa application process!

Do not let your current UK visa expires

This may sound like an obvious thing not to do. Unfortunately, there are many persons who forgetfully do so.

Make a note of when you visa will expire, and mark this on your calendar. Also allow enough time to get everything in order for the visa application.

If you have let your visa expired, contact Breytenbachs without delay!

Make sure your passport is current and valid

Always make sure that your passport is valid and current. In cases where your passport has expired or will before you submit your visa application, you must apply for a new one. Take note that some visa applications will require a longer validity date than others.

Keep original documents safe

You will need original documents for most UK visa applications. Keep all your original birth certificates, marriage certificates, degree certificates or any important documents. It is a cumbersome and long process to reapply for such documents.

Know the rules of your current UK Visa

Every UK visa or permit has their own rules. Make sure you know what the rules are and that you follow these rules. Should you break any immigration rules attached to your UK visa, it might jeopardise a future extension application.

Be a good citizen

When you apply for British citizenship, you will have to fulfil the good character requirement. Make sure your taxes and National Insurance contributions are up to date. Criminal convictions and bankruptcy might also jeopardise your citizenship application.

Save money

UK visa application fees are expensive, and so are the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) attached to UK visa applications. Fortunately, the IHS is not payable with ILR and citizenship applications. Rather save upfront, than qualifying for ILR and not being able to afford to apply.

If in doubt, get professional help

There are a number of requirements to meet for every application, and it can be very overwhelming.  Arrange a consultation with Breytenbachs and allow us to ease the burden and help you with the application!