Securing a Certificate of Sponsorship – Another Success Story!

Our client was offered a job opportunity in the UK as a barrister and had to apply for a Skilled Worker Visa. However, his UK employer decided to apply for the Certificate of Sponsorship themselves. Unfortunately, they found that the details on the Certificate of Sponsorship did not meet the UKVI’s requirements. The Certificate of Sponsorship is a very specific and important requirement that one needs to have when applying for a Skilled Worker Visa.

Fortunately, the Breytenbachs Business Migration Team was able to assist swiftly and secured the Certificate of Sponsorship within a week.

Our client is starting his new job as a barrister in the UK in May 2024!

What is the Certificate of Sponsorship?

To sponsor a migrant worker under the Skilled Worker Visa, companies must possess a valid Sponsor Licence in that category. The company is then required to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to the worker for use in their Skilled Worker visa application.

Under the Skilled Worker scheme, there are two types of Certificates of Sponsorship. The Undefined Certificates of Sponsorship (UCoS) and Defined Certificates of Sponsorship (DCoS). Sponsoring companies must ensure they obtain the correct type of Certificate for each worker they intend to sponsor. Using the wrong type of Certificate can result in the visa application being rejected.

There’s no limit on the number of Certificates of Sponsorship a company can acquire. They just have to ensure that each Certificate meets the Home Office requirements, such as minimum salary threshold. The sponsoring company must also be able to justify its need to sponsor a worker for the specified employment.

How Breytenbachs can help you

If you’ve secured a prospective job opportunity in the UK, but the UK employer needs a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS), Breytenbachs is here to help facilitate the process seamlessly. Our team of OISC-registered immigration consultants specialises in assisting UK employers with securing the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS).

In light of the recent minimum salary requirements, it’s highly advisable that Breytenbachs assist the UK employer with securing the Certificate of Sponsorship. In addition to assisting the Skilled Worker Visa application. The new rules are complex and intricate. If the details on a Certificate of Sponsorship do not meet the UKVI’s requirements, the Skilled Worker application will be refused. Clients will then lose the visa fees they paid.

Whether it’s navigating the complexities of sponsorship requirements or ensuring compliance with immigration regulations, we can assist. Our experts are equipped to provide comprehensive support to both employers and prospective employees. Rest assured, with Breytenbachs by your side, your journey to working in the UK can be smooth and hassle-free.

Please contact us today for further information or applications.

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