UK Minimum Wage for 2024

The UK Government raised the minimum wage for workers on 1 April 2024. The new minimum wage is £11.44 per hour, a 9.8% increase from the previous minimum wage rate.

The annual decision to raise the minimum wage comes after the UK Government accepted the Low Pay Commission (LPC) recommendations. The LPC advises the Government on the minimum wage and consists of business, trade union and academic representatives. 

The increase bodes good news for many persons wanting to work in the UK and current migrant workers.

UK Minimum Wage Recommendations

The National Living Wage or NLW is the statutory minimum wage for workers in the UK aged 21 years and over. There are different wage rates for younger workers.

New National Living Wage Table

 Rates from April 2024Percentage Increase
National Living Wage (21 years and older)  £11.449.8%
18 – 20 Years Old£8.6014.8%  
16 – 17 Years Old  £6.4021.2%
Apprentice Rate  £6.4021.2%

Source: National Minimum Wage in 2024 –

How will the New UK Minimum Wage benefit Overseas Workers

The announcement of the new minimum wage is good news. It shows that the UK Government is serious about its commitment to reaching its target of two-thirds median earnings. It will benefit all overseas workers in the UK, as better wages and salaries will allow workers a higher living standard.

The UK Government’s acceptance of the recommendations also shows that the UK labour market currently has vacancies. Overseas workers wanting to work in the UK can be assured that there are openings in the labour market and that opportunities await.

The increase in the minimum wage also bodes good news for overseas workers in the UK working in lower-skilled jobs. Overseas students working part-time jobs, dependants of visa holders and ancestry visa holders in lower-skilled positions can expect higher wages from 1 April 2024.

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