Repercussions of overstaying your UK visa

Overstaying your UK visa can have severe consequences.

Persons often think that people overstay their visa on purpose, but in most cases, it happens to persons unintentionally. Very often, people forget to apply on time for the extension of their visa, or Indefinite Leave to Remain. It is therefore crucial that persons with immigration restrictions in the UK have a reminder system in place. This will ensure that they extend their current visa in time or apply for ILR on time.

What are the consequences of overstaying your UK visa?

Overstaying by more than 30 days, can subject you to a re-entry ban of up to 10 years. This will depend on the circumstances of the matter. Such a re-entry ban means that you are barred or blocked from re-entering the UK.

If you have overstayed your UK visa before 6 April 2017, then you would have had up to 90 days to leave the UK to avoid a re-entry ban.

Tips to avoid overstaying your UK visa

  • Have a reminder system in place on your phone and electronic calendar. The importance of maintaining valid leave to remain in the UK is well worth the effort!
  • Ensure that the Home Office has your updated and correct contact details if you change any of these.
  • Always ensure that you know the requirements that you have to meet with the extension of your visa, or ILR application. If you are not able to fulfil the extension requirements, speak to your consultant in time to assist you with finding an alternative route.
  • Speak to your Breytenbachs consultant at least a couple of months before your visa expires. It is important that one allows enough time to collect the paperwork required in support of the application and to prepare and submit the application in advance of your visa expires.

It simply is not worth it to overstay on your UK visa. The repercussions are severe and one will be found out at some stage. Take the little extra effort and ensure that you maintain continuous Leave to Remain in the UK and avoid unnecessary stress!

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