Extension of Visas

Extension of visas
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The extension of SA visas is possible under certain circumstances.

If you have received your SA visa for the maximum period allowed, an extension may not be possible.  However, this applies to only a few of the visa categories prescribed in the SA Immigration Act. Breytenbachs therefore strongly recommends that you contact us for advice in every case.

When to submit an extension application

You have to submit your visa extension application sixty days before the expiry of your current visa. The sixty days will allow enough time for the adjudication on your visa extension.

As an example, one can obtain a SA tourist visa for 90 days at a time. However, a foreign national can reside in South Africa as a tourist for six months. In this visa category, one can thus apply for an additional 90 days. You can apply from within South Africa. You do not have to leave the country while the decision on the extension is pending.

Extensions not permitted

Unfortunately, it is not possible to apply for an extension of some SA visas.

One cannot apply for an extension of the Intra-company transfer work visa. They are valid for a period of up to four years, and one cannot apply to extend them beyond this period.

SA Dependency Visas

In many cases where a family unit is concerned, the main visa applicant may have a visa that is valid for a period longer than those of the visa dependants.

In such cases, the visa dependants must apply for an extension sixty days before their visas’ expiry. The extension will ensure that their visa dates correlate with the validity period of the main visa holder. The extension will also ensure that all family members are legal residents in South Africa at all times.

How Breytenbachs can help you

Breytenbachs have a highly experienced and trained SA Immigration Department.

They will assess your circumstances and advise on the individual merits of every case. Our clients receive the best advice and options available regarding the extension of their SA visas and the way forward!

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Extension of Visas

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