Work Permits

South Africa offers Work Permit routes for individuals seeking employment opportunities. These visas provide pathways for skilled workers and intra-company transferees to contribute to South Africa’s workforce. There are two major South African Work Permit routes.

The Intra-Company Work Visa enables multinational companies to transfer employees to their South African branches or subsidiaries. This visa temporarily allows skilled employees to work in South Africa. This ensures the seamless transfer of expertise, knowledge, and business operations. It also offers advantages such as career advancement opportunities and exposure to a diverse work environment. Persons on these permits get the chance to contribute to the growth and success of the company in South Africa.

The Critical Skills Work Visa is designed for individuals with critical skills and qualifications in demand in South Africa. This visa route aims to address skills shortages and promote economic growth. It offers opportunities for skilled professionals to work in their respective fields, contributing to the development and progress of key industries in South Africa. The Critical Skills Work Visa provides advantages such as employment opportunities in sought-after sectors and competitive remuneration packages. One can also enhance one’s professional experience and career prospects.

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Work Permits

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