Automatic Extension of Pre-Settled Status

The Home Office has announced that pre-settled EUSS holders who have not yet obtained settled status and are approaching the expiry date of their pre-settled status will have their status automatically extended by two years. This development will come into effect from September 2023.

This automatic extension will ensure that pre-settled status holders do not lose their immigration status. They will also retain their pre-settled status beyond its current expiry date in cases where they have made a second application to the EUSS and are awaiting its outcome.

Pre-settled holders will automatically receive the two-year extension if they have not received their settled status yet. They do not need to contact the Home Office about the extension, as it will automatically reflect in their digital status. The Home Office will notify pre-settled holders once the extension has been applied.

Pre-settled status holders who have lived in the UK for at least five years can make a further application to switch to settled status and are encouraged to do so by the Home Office.

Automatic Switching to Settled Status Planned for 2024

The Home Office is planning to take steps in 2024 to automatically switch pre-settled status holders to settled status without them having to submit an application to the effect. The UK Government plans to use automated checks of pre-settled status holders against government-held information to check the ongoing continuous residence requirement in the UK.

Breytenbachs will provide more information to clients when more is known about this planned development.

How Breytenbachs can help you

Breytenbachs strongly recommend that clients with pre-settled status who have excessive absences from the UK get in touch with Breytenbachs. Your consultant will be able to determine whether you are able to apply for Settled Status.

We also would like to remind EUSS clients to make sure that they update their contact details and passport numbers with the Home Office. Otherwise, their status could be questionable.

Please contact us today for further information or applications.

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