Sponsorship Licences

In terms of the regulations of the Points Based Immigration system, all UK employers need a Sponsorship Licence in order to retain employees whose work permits are due for renewal, or employ non-EU nationals under the Tier 2 system.

The process of applying for a Sponsor’s Licence can be quite daunting, as it involves initially becoming compliant, then sourcing the information required by the Home Office in the application followed by the online application. Thereafter, depending on the quality of the information and the organisation risk status as determined by the Home Office, the organisation could experience extensive checks or a visit by the Home Office.

Once the company is listed on the register and receives its Sponsors Licence the organisation needs to remain compliant with the UK Home Office regulations. This remaining compliant is a serious responsibility on the employer who responsible for monitoring the immigration compliance of their employees.

The UK Home Office expects all organisations to be compliant with immigration controls and will award each company a rating, which might impact on the company’s ability to hire non-EU nationals now and in the future.

All non-EU national employees are at risk of enforced removal from the UK within 60 days if the organisation’s licence is withdrawn. There are further civil penalties and criminal prosecution for negligence or evasion of the regulations that might be imposed on a non-compliant firm.

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Sponsorship Licences

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