Long Term Visas

Are you looking for a long term visa for South Africa? There are numerous long term visas that long term visitors to South Africa can apply for.

Breytenbachs will assess your circumstances and advise you on the most suitable visa for you. This advice will be in line with the latest regulations of The South African Department of Home Affairs. Our advice will give you the greatest chance of a successful application.

It is very important to note that it is not possible to apply for a long term visa whilst one is in South Africa with a visitor visa. The only exception is if the applicant is the spouse or dependent child of a long term visa holder who wishes to apply for a work visa or study visa.

The following is a very brief discussion of long term visa options available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Study visa
  • Treaty Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Medical treatment Visa
  • Relative’s Visa
  • Work Visa
  • Retired Persons Visa
  • Exchange Permit

Long Term Visa – South African Study Visa

How to qualify for a SA Study Visa

The potential student has to show confirmation that he/she has enrolled in a study course. The student also has to pay the study fees, and show proof thereof.

The education institution where the student is enrolling has to be registered with the South African Department of Education.

The applicant must also show proof of medical provision for his/her period of residence in SA.  If the applicant is a minor child, and will not reside in SA with his/her biological parents, the sponsor in SA must submit documentation to confirm that they accept responsibility for the applicant.

Length of Stay and Right to Work with an SA Study Visa

A student can work whilst on the study visa, but not for longer than 20 hours per week. The work must be in line with the study holder’s course of study.

SA study visas are normally issued for the duration of the study course.

SA Study visa holders cannot apply to switch to another visa from within South Africa. The applicant has to submit such an application from his/her country of origin or residence.

Should the student thus wish to lodge another visa application, such as the Critical Skills Work Visa, he/she has to submit the application from his/her country of origin or residence.

Spouses and Dependents of the SA Study Visa holder

If the applicant is the main member of a family, it is possible for his/her family members to lodge applications to accompany him/her to South Africa.

This is subject to confirmation that there are sufficient funds available to sustain the family’s living expenses whilst they are in SA.

Permanent Residence and the SA Study Visa

Unfortunately, a study visa does not lead to permanent residence status. The student has to return to his/her country of origin or residence, upon completion of the studies.

Long Term Visa – Treaty Visa

A treaty visa can be obtained if the applicant is a citizen of a country with which SA has a treaty program. The applicant will inter alia be required to provide a letter from the country with whom SA has international agreement to confirm the details of the treaty program, confirmation that the applicant will form part of this program, description of the applicant’s activities whilst in SA, expected period of residence in SA and confirmation as to whether the applicant will be expected to be employed or not.

Long Term Visa – Business Visa

A person can apply for a business permit if they can invest a minimum amount of R5 000 000, but can apply through the SA Department of Trade and Industry to qualify for a lesser investment amount provided that the proposed company falls within specific sectors of the South African economy as specified by the Department of Trade and Industry. BIC will gladly provide detail in this regard when requested. Employment creation and tax compliance is of utmost importance. Foreign nationals must undertake to ensure that at least 60% of their workforce consists of SA citizens / permanent residence holders. A recommendation from the Department of Trade and industry with regards to the feasibility of the business and contribution to the national interest in the Republic is compulsory.

Long Term Visa – Medical Treatment Visa

If a person needs to undergo medical care or procedures in South African, that will take longer than 3 months, you can apply for a Medical Treatment Visa.

A medical practitioner or medical institution in South Africa have to confirm the procedure or medical care.

You will also need a proof of funds to sustain costs, as well as medical aid provision.

Long Term Visa – Relative’s Visa

This visa can be applied for by any person who can proof kinship within the second step between the applicant and the SA citizen / permanent residence holder. Financial assurance to the amount of R8 500 per month must be shown.

Long Term Visa – Work Visa

Various general requirements apply under this category. Please contact us for more information. Applications for this permit split into the following categories: Critical skills work visa, General Work visa, corporate work visa, Intra Company Transfer work visa.

Long Term Visa – Retired Persons Visa

How to qualify for a Retired Persons Visa

To qualify for a Retired Persons Visa, the applicant will have to proof a monthly income of R37 000.

This monthly income can include income from a pension income and/or the interest on investments and/or rental income.

Spouses and Dependents of a Retired Persons Visa Holder

The application can include the spouse of the retired person. There is no need to proof additional funds in order to include the spouse.

Minor children will then be able to qualify for study visas or long term visas. This will permit them to stay with their biological parents. To qualify, you have to show an amount of R8 500 per minor child.

Length of stay and right of a Retired Persons Visa Holder

These visas are normally issued for 4 years for the main applicant, depending on the availability of funds.

The visas for spouses and other dependents are normally issued for 2 years.

The person holding a retired visa can apply at the SA authorities for permission to work. However, you have to show proof that no suitable SA citizen or resident can fill the position.

Permanent Residence and Retired Persons Visa Holder

If the main applicant can show a lifelong retirement income of R37 000 per month, he/she can apply for permanent residence.  Interest on investments and rental income are not taken into account

Long Term Visa – Exchange Permit

Exchange permits can be arranged for studies, cultural, economical & social issues, as well as for work purposes.

To find out whether you qualify for one of the long term visas, why not complete our online appraisal or contact our SA Immigration Department today.