Long Term Study Visa

Several international students and scholars are studying in South Africa with the Long Term Study Visa. South Africa’s popularity as an education destination is no surprise. The country boasts universities that rank relatively high in international standards. The university system in South Africa is considered to be the strongest on the continent.

The favourable exchange rate also makes it easy for international students to study in South Africa.

South African immigration law makes it possible for international students to apply for a long term study visa if they enrol full time at a registered SA place of study. The place of study can be at a school, college or university.

How to qualify for a long term South African Study Visa

The main considerations that the Department of Home Affairs consider when processing study visas are;

  • You may not displace a South African citizen or resident at the educational institute;
  • You will have to show proof of sufficient funds to pay for the tuition fees, accommodation and day-to-day living expenses;
  • Adequate medical cover with a registered South African medical scheme.

There are a number of additional criteria for students under the age of 18 years.

Right to work while on a South African Study Visa

The holder of the SA study visa at a higher educational institution may work part-time for up to 20 hours per week.

Length of stay on the South African Study Visa

You can receive the SA study visa for the duration of the course, depending on financial assurances etc.  It is possible to extend the study visa locally in South Africa.

Permanent Residence

The long term study visa is a temporary visa and does not lead to permanent residence in South Africa.

Please contact our SA Immigration department for assistance with your long term study visa for South Africa, or for more information.

Long Term Study Visa

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