Why use Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants?

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants hear many heartbreaking stories from clients about immigration muddles. In many of these instances, applicants or their representatives omitted basic information on visa application forms. Others neglected to submit all required documents with applications and even used outdated or wrong application forms.

Unfortunately, the effects of even basic mistakes can lead to the refusal of applications, the loss of application fees and even immigration bans. The result is often immigration dreams that are shattered and families that are separated.

One has to ask yourself whether the perceived savings of some pounds are worth the risk of submitting an application yourself or using an unreliable visa agency.

Why use Breytenbachs Immigration?

Competitive Fees

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants’ fees are competitive and reasonable so that you can receive affordable and expert advice from our highly qualified staff.

Our fees are lower than you will find from most other firms.

We have fixed prices with you, our client, in mind. Unlike many other solicitors and agencies that only give general estimates, we provide you with a fixed quote for all work we will undertake on your behalf. Our fixed fees will provide you with peace of mind and allow you to budget accordingly. In cases where we cannot offer a fixed quote, we will inform you in advance.

Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)

The head office of Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Ltd is in London. By law, our UK-based consultants must register with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

There are three registration levels, with the highest Level 3. Our level 3 registration level allows us to advise from the most basic to the most complex immigration matters, such as appeals and reviews.

Our UK-based consultants have to complete a required number of Continued Professional Development (CPD) hours every year. These CPD hours ensure that we maintain the very high professional standard required of an OISC-registered consultant.

Our OISC registration gives clients the peace of mind that they are dealing with professionals trained to the highest standard. The OISC also supervise and audits our head office, providing further peace of mind to clients that their cases are in safe and capable hands!

Highly trained and experienced staff

The Breytenbachs immigration consultants have exceptional qualifications and many years of experience in Immigration law. Most of our consultants are qualified solicitors and lawyers who have opted to specialise in immigration law.

The management of Breytenbachs believes in investing in the talents and energies of staff. Consultants and support staff receive continuous mentoring and external training.

Breytenbachs have frequent internal training. Our consultants and support staff learn from their colleagues and build on the synergy of the team.

Fulfilling Home Office Criteria

Persons often try to submit applications themselves. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that the UK Home Office requires one to not only qualify for a visa. But more importantly, to prove it in a very specific way. Applicants often come unstuck on proof, as they fail to provide all of the correct evidence. They provide evidence that does seem to prove the fact but does not meet the Home Office’s specific evidential requirements. The resulting effect is that the application is refused. The client loses the application fee, which, nowadays, is extremely high. The problem is exacerbated by the Home Office’s restrictions on when new evidence can be introduced and taken into consideration.

Fortunately, the Breytenbachs Immigration consultants understand how to prove evidence in the way that the Home Office requires it.

No Visa, No Fee

At Breytenbachs, we guarantee our work. In the unlikely event of the permit or visa not being granted, we will not charge our fees. However, this is subject to certain terms and conditions. We will inform clients if we do not guarantee their application. For example, we do not extend this guarantee to overstayers or persons who have contravened the immigration rules. Please speak to your consultants to find out if your application qualifies for our No Visa, No Fee guarantee.

The Trusted Name in Immigration

At Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants, we are proud to be recognised as the trusted name in Immigration. 

Our reputation has been solidified by the numerous commendations we have received from our satisfied clients over the years. We are committed to excellence, which is evident in our outstanding trust score of 5 stars on reputable review platforms like Trustpilot and Hello Peter. Additionally, our various offices consistently maintain full-star scores on Google. These exceptional ratings reflect the high level of client satisfaction across all our office locations. 

The positive feedback and glowing reviews we regularly receive on social media further demonstrate our unwavering dedication and hard work to providing top-tier immigration solutions. 

We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence our clients have placed in us, and we strive to continually exceed their expectations. We take immense pride in our proven track record and remain fully committed to upholding the highest standards of service for our valued clients. 

When you choose Breytenbachs, you can be assured of receiving 5-star service backed by our years of experience and expertise. 

If you would like to read testimonials from our satisfied clients, you can find them here.

How Breytenbachs Immigration Consultant can help you

Is it really worth facing all the possible risks without a Breytenbachs consultant’s help?

Every visa application must be planned and checked thoroughly by a person with the necessary expertise and immigration experience. Even seemingly irrelevant or incorrect details or omissions can lead to a visa refusal or worse. Breytenbachs strongly advise that prospective applicants take the utmost care to ensure they use a reputable immigration firm like Breytenbachs.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you reach us after office hours, you are also welcome to request a call.

Please contact us today for further information or applications.

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