EEA Family Visas

Any citizen of an EU country taking up residence in the UK in accordance with EU treaty rights is entitled to bring their family with them. 'Family' includes a spouse, children under 21 years and any other family members who are part of the same household and remain dependent upon the EU citizen.

The main advantage of this type of visa is that there are no work restrictions on the holder of the permit or their dependants.

This type of visa can lead to permanent residence in the UK.

How to qualify

All non-EU members of the family accompanying the EU citizen to the UK can apply for an EEA Family Permit.

Non-EU family members' right to remain in the UK are dependent on the EU family member continuing to exercise Treaty Rights in the UK, for example in employment, in business, or by being economically self-sufficient.

Within the first 6 months of arrival in the UK, the EU National is advised to apply to the Home Office for an EU Residence Permit, and all non-EU family members should apply at the same time for five-year resident stamps to be placed in their passports.

Length of stay and right to work

The EEA Residence permit is granted for up to five years.

There are no work restrictions on the holders of the EEA family visa.

Permanent Residence

An application for confirmation of the right to permanently reside in the UK may be made by all family members, including the EU citizen, usually after five years residence in the UK, provided that the EU national has exercised Treaty rights throughout this period.

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