Tips for UK Sponsor Licence Holders

Sponsor Licence Holder
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Breytenbachs have a team of consultants dealing with UK Sponsors and Sponsor Licences. Every month they provide UK Sponsors with tips to ensure compliance with Home Office rules and regulations.

Retaining Records of the Period of Recruitment

Since the UK left the EEA the Home Office no longer requires companies to complete a formal Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) in order for a company to sponsor a worker under a Skilled Worker visa (previously known as Tier 2 (General) visa). Many sponsors do not realise, however, that even though there is no formal requirement to advertise a position, companies must still be able to explain how they have identified the migrant worker in question and if the migrant has been identified as part of a formal recruitment process, then the sponsoring company must still retain records of the period of recruitment undertaken, including (but not limited to): a screenshot, printout or photocopy of the advert, or a record of the text of the advert together with information about where the job was advertised and information about the people who applied for the position, including a record of the number of people who applied for the job, and the number of people shortlisted for interview or for other stages of the recruitment process. It is also recommended to retain details of the questions asked of candidates at interview and a summary as to why the successful candidate (i.e. migrant worker) was selected. 

Logging into the Sponsor Management System (SMS)

UK companies that hold sponsor licences must ensure that their Level 1 User registered on the account logs into the Sponsor Management System (SMS) once a month. Sponsors must do this to check the notifications that appear on the landing page.

Breytenbachs are aware that the Home Office is actively monitoring this sponsorship responsibility. They also contact sponsors where they can see nobody has accessed the SMS for months. Breytenbachs thus recommend that clients holding sponsor licences ensure they access the Sponsorship Management System regularly.

How Breytenbachs can help you

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants have a dedicated team of consultants dealing with Sponsorship Licences and Skilled Worker Visas. Contact us today to find out more or to arrange a consultation.

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