Overseas Students prefer the UK for their education

Overseas students
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Most overseas students prefer the UK when it comes to choosing a education destination. The United Kingdom is a very popular choice for students from all over the world for a number of reasons.

Ten reasons why overseas students prefer the UK

  • The UK ranks first place in a study called “The Best Countries for Education”. This first place is not surprising if you consider that the UK is thought to be home to 29 of the top 200 universities in the world.
  • All UK university towns and cities have a well-developed transport system. This makes life easy and cheap for overseas students.
  • Many overseas students come from countries where English is a second or third language. Language, in most cases, is thus not a barrier. However, for many citizens from non-English speaking countries, it is also the reason to study in the UK. According to the British Council, almost 500,000 people travel to the UK every year to learn English.
  • The United Kingdom has a rich cultural heritage, and most overseas students find it easy to adapt to the English culture.
  • There is a large diaspora of ex-pat communities from all over the world in the UK.
  • UK immigration laws make it possible to work in the UK while studying. However, the Home Office is very strict in its guidance that the student visa is to study in the UK. The intention of working must only be to supplement the income of the student. Speak to your consultant before assuming allowed working hours, as these differ depending on the study course.
  • Upon completion of studies, it is possible to switch to categories that allow students to live and work in the UK. One example is the Skilled Worker Visa, which allows a student to switch into Skilled Worker employment, as well as the new Start-up visa.
  • A UK degree will increase your rate of employability.
  • If you are undertaking a degree at the post-graduate level, your spouse or unmarried partner will be able to accompany you to the UK.
  • There is not an age limit on the UK Student visa. Many mature students fulfil their dreams of doing a post-graduate degree at one of the prestigious UK universities.

How Breytenbachs can help you

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